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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  February 7, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> glenn: tomorrow, we are going to talk a little bit about the shadow parliament in egypt and its connections here. hopefully we can get to what really started the uprising. something you haven't heard anyplace else. on tomorrow's program. make sure you run the d.v.r. from new york. good night, america. captioned by closed captioning services, inc >> bret: president obama insists he is running the government more like a business. we get live reaction from the head of largest business group that hosted the president today. republican governors want the president to make big changes to his healthcare law. another european leader says multiculturalism has failed. live from our studio in washington, this is "special report." good evening, i'm bret baier. part of president obama's post election perceived move to the center has been the adaptation of a more business friendly image. today that new approach took
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him a short walk from the white house. to the very heart of pro-business territory. white house kept mike emanuel tells us how it went. arp after a bumpy two years with the business community, president obama flanked by the new chief of business advisor headed to the chamber of commerce to ask companies to "get in the game." >> as we work with you to mak america a better place to do business, i am hoping all of you are thinking what you can do for america. ask yourself what is you can do to hire more american workers. what you can do to invest in this nation. >> they've foughtest on healthcare and what many consider excessive regulation. hoping to start a new chapter today, mr. obama offered to play a role as salesman in chief. >> i will go anywhere, anytime to be a booster for american businesses, american workers
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and american products. >> house speaker boehner was not impressed with the outreach. boehner said, "president obama retooled his rhetoric, but not his job destroying policies." a prominent business group suggests the speech may mark a turning point in relations with the white house. >> now post this speech you will see business community and president obama rowing in the same direction or in the same boat and that is good for the country. >> after finalizing a trade deal with south carolina, leading republicans say what would be good for the country is mr. obama working with congress to pass similar deals with panama in columbia. >> in my view, the time for delay on the agreements is over. the president needs to do more than promise to pursue the agreements as he did today. >> one bit of uncertainty that the business community faces is corporate tax reform mr . obama wants to lower the tax rate and take away deductions to pay for it. concern for the business perspective, that could punish
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certain industries such as high-tech that benefit from numerous reductions. the business community is sharply divided on how to move forward. >> it might vary by industry or size of company, what is the fairest way to do it. but the president said we want to bring it down. >> in fact, mr. obama used the word "burdensome" referring to corporate tax code. he went on to say he needs something smarter, simpler and fairer. getting there is the challenge. bret? >> mike emanuel live on north lawn. thank you we'll get reaction to the president's address from u.s. chamber of commerce president tom donahue later in the program. president obama talked with bill o'reilly for the interview shown in the bowles broadcast sunday night. you see the complete interrue this evening on the o'really factor. here is a new excerpt you haven't seen dealing with spending cut and the deficit. >> we will get domestic spending to the lowest level as a share of g.d.p. since
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eisenhower we'll spend less in terms of discretionary spending. we will spend less than we did under reagan. >> sleight of hand. >> it's not. >> there are so many entitlements and stuff like that. >> then we're making cuts in defense. here is what you're absolutely right about the long-term problem is entitlements. social security, medicare, medicaid. what i've said to the republicans is i want to work with you to figure out how to cut spending. we're not going to be able to do it, one side won't get it done because it requires tough choices. >> as an american, i'm tremendously worried about that. >> so am i. >> bret: stocks were up today. group of republican governors is pressing the obama administration to make big changes in its healthcare law. correspondent shannon bream has details. >> i don't want to spend the next two years fighting the
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battle of the last two years. >> repealed to the house and on the way to the supreme court, the president healthcare law facing a new challenge today from 21 republican governors who say it will jeopardize healthcare for millions of americans. in a letter to health and human services secretary kathleen sebelius they wrote, "we believe the system proposed by the law is seriou seriously flawed. personal responseably and will destroy the private insurance market. because of this, we do not wish to be the federal government agents in this policy, in its present form." indiana governor mitch daniels signed on to the letter offered a piece in the "wall street journal" calling the law, "an impending disaster." was advertised reducing the debt, will add to in a dramatic way. advertised as reducing healthcare cost. now everybody accepts it's going to run them upward by a big margin. >> daniels and the other governors are asking sebelius for six changes to the law. including flexibility and implementing insurance exchanges and waivers from
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what they call the bill's costly mandate. in a speech to the u.s. chamber of commerce today, the president said he is willing to look at ideas to improve the law. and told bill o'reilly in a sunday an interview he's even willing to work with republicans. but. >> what i'm not prepared to do, not prepared to go back to a day when the american people if you've got a preexisting condition, if you had a heart attack, you can't get healthy. >> daniels said he doubts the president truly understands the impact the healthcare law may have on the state. >> we governors have to live in the real world. only in washington can you bet on a miracle. >> reporter: the governors say they hope the administration will endorse their suggests but if not, they plan to move ahead with the own evidents and warn h.h.s. should be prepared if thar to happen. bret? >> bret: shannon, thank you. president obama said today egypt is making progress toward a solution to its political crisis. life for many is returning to something approaching normal
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14 days before the start of the antigovernment protest. mike tobin reports from cairo, there is still a vacuum of potential leadership. >> two weeks with thousands of demonstrators to define curfew, evolved to a stalemate. the government continues to make concessions, the latest involved the freedom of speech, election reform and 15% salary increase for government employees. but all that will satisfy the demonstrators is that mubarak and the old guard lead politics. >> making concessions they think people will buy. but when you listen to them speak and the new prime minister speak, same thing well've been hearing over and over again. >> however, none of the opposition can produce a name of the secular candidate to step up the day after mubarak leaves. >> we will run. >> noer tell us he is running for president. he channeled for the presidency in 2005 and he was imprisoned for years. >> as long as the egyptian
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political scene, all of us live in a big prison. >> like demonstrators he wants to calm western fears that the proxies, hamas and hezbollah are infiltrating egypt with the intention of insurancing it he says the notion that the muslim brotherhood would quickly dominate or treaty with israel would no longer be honored in post mubarak egypt is propaganda. >> the image of the threat of islamism is the biggest lie constructed by the mubarak regime to the west in order to give them the impression that the only alternative to this dictatorship, to the impressive regime is islamists. >> demonstrators on the square say they represent a popular secular movement the islamist will never win popular suppor support. >> the muslim brotherhood won't come to power because they are not supported by most of the egyptians. most of the egyptians like to go freely without someone
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telling them to do or not to do. >> the banks reopened yesterday for the first time since the uprising. the stock market remains closed. we saw people at the sidewalk cafe, as egypt tries to reschume normal life. but vice president said egypt has already lost more than a billion tourist dollars. and the stalemate persists. bret? >> bret: mike tobin live early tuesday morning in cairo. thank you. it appears president obama is inanalysistant that the transition in egypt begin immediately. does not in fact require president mubarak to step down. correspondent james rosen looks at where the u.s. stands op egypt. >> one day after egyptian vice president omar suleiman sat down with members of the long banned muslim brotherhood for talks on the country path forward, the obama administration appeared to double down on the idea that human being human being human being should continue as president, even if in name only until his term runs out this fall. >> we can't see meaningful progress if one side is as
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where the vice president's suleiman's remarks are and the other side is we won't do anything until everything changes. >> and they said egypt's authoritarian history leaves the country ill-prepared to hold credible election in that time. >> that would be challenging. >> what about within eight months when mubarak's term expires? >> it is doable, you know, within eight months but a lot depends on what happens from this point forward. >> clinton herself obliquely warned the brotherhood about the perils of the anti-western agenda. >> most of the people who began to demonstrate in egypt were driven by a desire for more political freedom and economic opportunities the united states is very good about helping countries realize economic opportunity. we think we can auvre that. >> the president must stay in office to steer the changes
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through. i therefore believe president mubarak's leadership is critical. >> those comment from the recently returned envoy to mubarak prompted questions about whether the administration is at odds with itself. it was equally possible even as the state department disowned wizner speaking for himself, that he was articulating the policy that secretary clinton and president obama do not feel free to express publicly. >> is mubarak going to leave soon? >> only he knows what he is going to do. here is with a we know. egypt is not going to go back to what it was. >> when asked about the muslim brotherhood, neither the president nor the secretary of state expressed uneased about the group's growing role if egypt transition. i am not going to be prejudging who should participate in their political process, clinton said. bret? >> bret: james rosen live at the state department. thank you. friday fox news exclusively reported about a failed assassination attempt on
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egyptian vice president omar suleiman soon after he was appointed. that according to senior administration officials left two of his guards dead. over the weekend in germany, secretary clinton was asked about the report. >> i think the news report brings in sharp relief the challenges that we are facing as we navigate through this period. >> bret: priestr priestly, -- priestly white house gibbs said, "i'm not getting into that question." so far, security officials speaking anonymous denied the story. >> you know your job is bad when you request a transfer to afghanistan. we tell you what a taxpayer funded job, which one these unhappy folks have. how is the business community reacting to president obama's speech? the head of the chamber of commerce will be here live. knows how to make things
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>> bret: checking world headlines. iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad unveile unveiled whe says are four domestically built satellite. iranian staid tv say they are for research. meanwhile, the trial begun for two american hikers held for a year-and-a-half in iran. shane bauer and josh fattal pleaded not guilty on spying charges a third, sarah shourd was released last year and has not returned. a second european leader has lashed out at multiculturalism. british prime minister david cameron followed the lead of german chancellor angela merkel saying the west needs to confront extremism. chief waub correspondent jim angle has that story. >> british prime minister david cameron said this weekend that letting different culture groups including muslims exist in separate communities divides the nation and is not only wrong but is dangerous. >> under the doctrine of state multicultural, we encouraged
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different cultures to live separate lives, apart from each other. and apart from the main stream. >> islamic extremists exploited this toed a vance anti-british agenda. >> to maintain separate communities where young muslims could be seduced by those preaching radicalism and the bombings in the london underground that killed more than 50 in 2005. >> there are estimated 3,000 al-qaeda operatives in the u.k. alope. >> and british authorities thwarted a dozen of islamist terrorist attacks on the u.k. in the last few years alone. >> that's why prime minister cameron says the biggest threat we face comes from the terrorist attacks some of which are carried out by our own sits and that enabled when britain allows, even excuses separate communities in which those preaching violence remain unseen. >> we fail to provide a vision
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of society to which they feel they want to belong. >> we've even tolerated the segregated communitys, behaving in way ways that run counter to the values. >> some american lawmakers told gretzky it reminds them of what happened at fort hood. >> political correctness has a cost. at fort hood, it costs the lives of 13 americans he's right. >> a careful balance. many of us would argue that we have erred on the side of being politically correct at the risk of bad publicity. >> cameron says when a white person holds objectionable or racist views we rightly condemn them. when equally unaccepted views or practices come from someone who isn't white we've been too cautious, he says, even fearful to stand up to them. in washington, jim angle, fox news. >> bret: donald rumsfeld says it's possible cutting troop level levels in iraq may e been a mistake. rumsfeld talked with abc news as part of a promotion for his
6:19 pm
new memoir the iraq war began with allegations that regime had weapons of mass destruction. rumsfeld talk about reports that then secretary of state colin powell had been misled before presenting the administration case for war to the unite united nations. >> the idea that he was lying or duped is nonsense. he believed it. our military believed. our military got chemical weapon suits on to protect them. >> bret: still ahead, we hear from two fox news journalists attacked in egypt. up next, the head of the chamber of commerce tells us what he thought of president's speech today. it's personal. i have diabetes.
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>> bret: at the top of the program we brought you a
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report about president obama's speech to a group he has had problems to in the past. the u.s. chamber of commerce. get reaction from the head of the organization, president and ceo tom donahue. thank you for being here. >> glad to be here. >> the first overview, reaction to the president's speech, what he said and what the administration is doing. >> first, we're honored that he came to the chamber we had a great crowd. i have thought that he added a little bit ovality with a serious recognition that the number one job that both sides of the park there putting people back to work. he came over to talk about the economy, what we can do together and what we're liable to do together. we thought it was a good change in tone. i have had a private conversation with him, which encourages me that we will continue to communicate he raised a lot of issues. across the board, he came, he
6:24 pm
visited and we look forward to doing things together. >> bret: you talk about a change in tone. many people inside washington believed the selection of bill daley as the white house chief of staff, was a move to the center, change, outreach in business. do you think post-election this is a different president when it comes to dealing with business? >> no, but if you think about your job, my job, and other people's job, you can be the same person. but you have to react to markets and circumstances. and challenges. for example, i told somebody today i guarantee you when the president walked across the park, at some time in that four-minute walk he thought about egypt and all of the challenges in the middle east. he got there and looked up to the big sign on the building about jobs it reminded me he had to do both things at once. we don't do presidential politics the country only has one
6:25 pm
president. we need to work with him and he needs to work with the business community and hope to make it productive. >> bret: that said, you know this is a president that three months ago was calling out the u.s. chamber of commerce, alleging that you were paying for ads with foreign money. his administration was on the talk show. listen to this. >> we learned that the group takes in money regularly from foreign corporations. the groups that receive foreign money are spending huge sums to influence american elections and they won't tell you where the money for the ads come from. >> the part about the foreign money appears to be peanuts, mr. axelrod. do you have any evidence that it's anything than other than peanuts? >> well, do you have any evidence that it's not? >> bret: and so was that allegation peanuts, first of all? secondly, did it affect your relationship with the white house?
6:26 pm
>> first of all, fundamentally untrue. second, middle of the election. the election is over this is a political town. we're back to doing our business. i mean if you remember what ran in the tv or the paper six months ago, you're going to walk in and look band and we have to get on to the business ahead. >> bret: speaking of, which you have spoken out about regulation, increase in regulation. the president today said he ordered a government wide review of regulations, he is cutting back paperwork that saddles businesses. he said peril of too much regulation are matched by the danger of too little are you concerned over what the administration stance is on regulation? >> first, agree with the president on that. we need regulation to safe food and air traffic control systems and all of that.
6:27 pm
i think when the president sipeed the executive order that other president signed, when he goes forward and thinks of the company and look at the action of the independent regulatory agencies. and some of the regulations that have come from the healthcare. capital market bill and the action of the e.p.a. those are regulations causing them to sit on their money and wait. >> bret: according to economists there is 132 economically significant rules in the first two years of the obama administration. 40% more than bush workforce grew by 16%. if you look at that stats, do you believe that this administration gets it? >> you have to add to the stat we have 300 regulations to do
6:28 pm
in the capital markets. when we did sarbanes-oxley there were only a total of 16 regulations it took two-and-a-half years. i think we will get more focus on this. huge exception on the healthcare regulation. i think maybe jeffrey immelt and his guys will convince the president and daley and others to take a look rat at some of this. i'm convinced they will. >> bret: quickly, the president said today, the businesses, get in the game. business has responsibility to america. do you think he should give a similar speech to big labor? to say come halfway to management? speak to that side of the aisle? >> we know business is in the game. what the president is saying is he wants them to bring the money and create more jobs in the united states. and try and grow our
6:29 pm
manufacturerring jobs. we are the second largest or the first largest company in the world in manufacturerring, but we do it with such efficiency and technology, we're not using as many people as we used to. we have to work hard to create new jobs. the president raises new challenges but we have to look at it in context that 95% of the people we sell to lives somewhere else this is a two-part deal. do it at home and sell it abroad. >> bret: tom donahue, thank you for your time. >> thank you. glad to be here. >> bret: how bad would your job have to be before you asked for a transfer to afghanistan? we talk about it next in the grapevine. why big labor has a big problem with the next democratic convention. ♪
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>> bret: and now fresh pickingings from the political grape vip. many labor officials are complaining about the selection of charlotte for the 2012 nominating con vention saying north carolina is the least unionized state in the country. a union official tells fox, "it's a calculated affront. they made a decision to open the convention on labor day in a state with the least number of unionized folks in the country and they knew that." the d.n.c. says it did not intend to slight big labor. speech by george w. bush at a charity dinner geneva
6:34 pm
next saturday has been canceled due to curt concerns. human rights asked for demonstrations and asked the swiss government to begin war crimes investigation. a spokesman said president bush was looking forward to speaking about freedom and offering reflections from his time in office finally, strait department review of synthny sttrahn short tenure as ambassadorror luxenberg. things were so bad, some requested transfer to iraq and afghanistan. stroum was a major campaign donor to president obama and she says she filed rebuttal from the internal review that found her 18 months as ambassador to be a disaster they cited their personality conflict and questionable expenditures on travel, wine, i willquer what started out as largely peaceful demonstration in egypt turned ugly last week. some of the ugliness was aimed at foreign journalists.
6:35 pm
two fox news employees were injuried. senior national correspondent john roberts in london gets a first-hand account of what happened. >> the main street was a total war zone. there was smoke, rocks being thrown, molotov cocktails. it was flames. it was live fire. i got grabbed. >> i thought that moment i thought okay, i'm really now in trouble. >> you know, it was immediately sort of four or five people grabbing hold of you. >> the whole time you're pummeled with open hand, with fists, with sticks, with we're told rocks. don't think metal bars. principally going for the head again and again and again. the head was the target. >> i've got two really good size lacerations op the back of my head. >> smaller one at the front and stab wound in my leg. >> according to the doctors i have lacerations to the scalp, five of them. pretty deep. one came close to an artery and that caused a lot of the blood. i was bleeding all over.
6:36 pm
>> frantically trying to escape the mob and losing strength, they spotted an egyptian armored personnel carrier. >> egyptian seasonals standed there with guns. egyptian soldiers watching. watching as the two of us are being pummeled, pummeled close to our death. doing absolutely nothing. >> they struggled to climb aboard and then ducked inside. >> i looked at him, and he was completely covered, literally, completely covered, head to toe in blood and i knew i probably looked exactly the same. that he was still there and still talking. >> they were taken by ambulance to the hospital and stitched up. that's where their ordeal took a new turn. >> we had an armed soldier with us. from the moment we were in there. as i was going to get my cat scan, i was being accused of being israeli spy. i had my passport taken from me. >> then they were spirited off to the headquarters of the secret police. >> we were blindfolded at that point, before we entered. blindfolded. >> you're hearing rattling of
6:37 pm
guns and people moving stuff around. you know, you can't help but sort of thing what are they doing? surely they are not going to, it doesn't make sense they're going to pull us out and shoot us. >> they sat us down in three plastic chairs. stood us up, sat us down. played with us. finally they took the blindfolds off. a guy with a beaten up old videotape camera. another guy with a still camera and our mug shots were taken and taken and taken. >> the eureka moment, he says, came just before their release. when he realized the people who were holding them were the same kind of people who had targeted them in times square. tahrir square. >> the government in my mind were one. >> in london, john roberts, fox news. >> bret: amazing. president obama tries to make peace with business leaders we'll get reaction from the fox all-stars when we come back.
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>> i've ordered a government-wide review. and if there are rules on the books that are needlessly stifling job creation and economic growth, we will fix them. already, we're dramatically cutting down on the paperwork that saddles businesses with huge administrative costs. i also have to point out the perils of too much regulation are also matched by the dangers of too little. >> bret: president obama speaking at the u.s. chamber of commerce today, making outreach to the business community after bumpy couple of years with that community. just today, in reaction to some the speech, the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell said it is time to sign these free trade agreements with panama and colombia. as you know, the administration already signed one with south korea. the senator mcconnell saying the time for delay on these agreements is over. the president needs to do more than promise to pursue them as he did today. what about this speech?
6:42 pm
let's bring in our panel, fred barnes executive editor of "the weekly standard." a.b. stoddard associated editor of the hill and associated columnist charles krauthammer. fred, your thoughts? overview? what do you think? >> there is regulatory review that the president talked about to the chamber of commerce and he talked about it in the state of the union. i guess a week and a half ago, whenever that was. it doesn't amount to much. tom donahue of the chamber as he just said to you a couple of minutes ago said that it's regulations that are going to come out. 300 in the financial reform bill. the dodd-frank bill. many many more from the health care bill. and then all the regulations from the environmental protection agency. those are the ones that the business community is frightened by. those are the ones that have them hold back on investing and hiring. those are the problems. so this regulatory review that the president announces is basically a fake.
6:43 pm
and, you know, to go and announce that at the chamber of commerce when they know better, because they have heard this before, shows you that the content of that speech didn't matter. what mattered was that the president was walking across lafayette park and went to the chamber, he wants to identify with them. he doesn't want to give them anything. >> bret: a.b., do you agree. >> 90% of life is showing up. there weren't any surprises here. i don't think anyone expected any surprises. the chamber is pleased with some of the recent moves that president obama has been making. they know that he is going to push genuinely for opening up -- getting some trade agreements for panama and clom i can't understand ear things. they want to increase exports. he wants to work with them on that. i don't know as fred says they take his review of streamlining regulations review very seriously. this is an effort to make nice. and we will see down the road. you know, tax reform is a big
6:44 pm
subject of interest to president obama as well as business. it's really a huge bite to swallow. we will see if that's the thing they get done in the next year and a half. very, very doubtful. even on health care, you know, yes, he said i'm happy to take a look at some things. i know you don't really like them. he gave them a vegas promise -- vague promise on tort reform. no surprises. >> bret: on taxes, the president said again he wants the corporate tax rate to go lower from 35 to 28. he didn't get that specific. that's what's being closed out there to close the loopholes including the ability to get credit for interest, basically. it could be a big battle on capitol hill. >> it will be. he giveth and taketh it will also be a battle between industries because some like the high tech industry get the benefit of many of the loopholes and others don't. each of these have very strong
6:45 pm
lobbies. >> bret: i should say deduction for interest. >> right. i think there is going to be a struggle within the private industry over how you eliminate loopholes in order to end up with lower rates. i think this entire speech is complete repositioning and for show. i don't think there is anything in the speech that was not in the state of the union address. and it there was not a lot in the state of the union address as fred indicates on regulation, is he about to add on to the books with health care probably 100,000 pages of new regulation on to an already incredibly complicated healthcare system. and his e.p.a. as we speak today, with its higher -- its more strict regulations on energy is stopping drilling on the gulf of mexico, drilling onshore, drilling in the artic and causing us to be more dependent on foreign sources of oil. there is nothing in here except for repetition four times of his
6:46 pm
slogan win the future, which we now know is going to be the slogan of presidential campaign. it will be yes, we can. that's how it starts. and it ends with win the future. so i think obamaism can be summarized in one sentence yes, we can win the future. >> yes, we can but why not win the present? that would be more timely. >> bret: a.b.? >> there was one thing in the state of the union which he did not bring to the chamber today which was an appeal to the left in the state of the union about how he was going to beat up on those bush tax cuts because we don't need them anymore in two years. he did not bring that up today. >> well, if you are going to raise taxes, which he wants to do on higher earnings anyway, you are not going to get any tax reform passed that has that in it. of course, you couldn't get that through the house anyway. look, he has some great opportunities now, if he really is in favor of reducing regulations. you know, a few weeks ago, 33 governors or governors-elect tried -- wrote washington and wanted hhs to allow them to
6:47 pm
tighten the eligibility standards for medicaid so states wouldn't lose billions of dollars or have to spend billions more. now 21 governors have written mitch daniels of indiana wrote about this in the "wall street journal" today have said, look, we will help you run your health care plan but here is what we want. you have to ease up. you have to give us some flexibility. this would be a perfect thing for the president to agree to if he really wants to lighten regulations. >> bret: he told bill o'reilly he is not moving to the center. he is the same guy. is he moving down the center? >> he is the same guy positioning himself in the center. i don't think he has changed a bit since the man of the first two years. >> i think he has been overly cautious and has dropped the ball on deficit reduction, but i think he has given many hints if republicans come to the table and are serious about things like entitlesment reform, there shown for him moving a little more to the table. >> i'm with charles, it's all
6:48 pm
cosmetic. >> bret: how would you characterize president obama's actions towards business? vote in our online poll report. european leaders decry multican you recallism.
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>> under the doctrine of state multiculturalism we have encouraged separate lives apart from each other and apart from the mainstream. we fail to provide a vision of society to which they feel they want to belong. we have even tolerated these segregated communities behaving in ways that run completely counter to our values. >> david cammeron's speech firmly rejected not only the radical islamists but also those who apologize for them.
6:52 pm
>> bret: multiculturalism under attack again this follows angela merkel a few months ago saying this beginning of the 1960's our country called the foreign workers to come to germany. now they live in our country. we kidded ourselves for a while they won't stay, sometime they will be gone. this isn't relate. of course the approach to building multicultural society and to live side by side and to enjoy each other has failed, utterly failed. we're back with the panel. what about this, charles? >> this is a very important moment in the history of the west there is a cancer growing inside the west. some have acknowledged it. angela merkel of germany. mostly opposition and opposition holland have been called racist. when you hear the prime minister coalition government with the liberals, expressing this, i think it's a sign of an important cultural shift. it's now okay to actually speak the truth.
6:53 pm
and they are -- them because of overt government policy. subsidizing these separations allowing these kind of incendiary anti-western, anti-british, even pro-terrorist speeches and sermons, he is, -- to be issued in these places. this is a moment to allow public opinion to express itself and the laws, especially the subsidizing of this separation should change. >> bret: a.b., you likely wouldn't hear this from the obama administration. >> no. i think this is a fascinating concept but i don't really know it's not that he is not right. i don't know where is he going to go with this. is he looking to create a shared national identity. he wants to educate his people in the elements of a common culture and force, you know the english language speaking. he ideology of extremism is a
6:54 pm
problem but islam emphatically is not. picking a fight with the latter will do nothing to help us confront the former. withholding public funds with groups associated with extremists makes sense. working with peaceful moderate muslims makes sense, beyond that i don't know what you do without discriminating against and ultimately isolating those peaceful, moderate muslims. >> bret: fred? >> i agree with charles, this is a landmark important speech coming from david cammeron. i had no idea, i talked to some people today, i was incredibly surprised that david cammeron who he is a mushy moderate of a prime minister who would give this really tough speech in a country where you have deeply engrained political correctness that this violates completely he did say a.b. he is going to do. 16-year-olds in england will have to take courses in culture and history of the country. everybody who going to live in
6:55 pm
england they can't live in isolated segregated part of a city or england where say sharia law is imposed and not british law. if they're going to be there and be citizens, they will have to be british. they can't be something else. they have to be british. this was an extremely bold speech physically coming after a speech three weeks ago by the chairman or chair woman of the conservative party who said this is a -- who said that england is rife with islamophobia. and in this speech, in his speech tamron totally rejected that view. >> you don't hear a speech like that here a because we do not have the level of isolation and alienation among the muslim population here as you have in europe. it's far more integrated and assimilated. secondly, because we have a president who doesn't even speak about radical islam abroad in real terms. he will never use that term or if he does he shies away and
6:56 pm
implies violent extremism of origins entirely unknown. he has to be more honest about that. >> bret: we will talk about this again. stay tuned to find out who may be next in line to join the obama administration.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
>> bret: finally tonight, we all saw bill o'reilly's interview with president obama. there with is more of it tonight. there was one we missed. taking interesting questions from the online forum, we learned that former california governor arnold schwarzenegger may actually join the administration. >> okay. our next question is from tiffany, she is from garberville, california. tiffany? >> i heard arnold schwarzenegger wants to join your administration. what does he bring to the table? >> he is a terrific mathematician, world class mathematician. has done extraordinary work on genetics. helped on the human geno


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